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A family-owned paving business serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1977.

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Since 1977

Enhancing the look of your property can travel a long way. The application of a newly paved surface or a new interlock driveway not only add charm, but character to the overall landscape of your property. Poor craftsmanship can result in future repairs and never-ending upkeep whereas, a well paved surface would provide both functional and aesthetic upgrades, problem-free.Kings Valley Paving has built a reputation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by maintaining a high level of service. Since establishing our first business in 1977 we have served thousands of homes and businesses. Our focus is on strict quality control. Whether you are looking for services for a residential home or a commercial property, Kings Valley is prepared to have the job started.

As a family-run business, we understand the value of hard work. Our outstanding service speaks for itself; whether the focus is on asphalt paving, concrete solutions to retaining walls and curbing, every new project awarded is executed with 100% commitment. We are fully committed to each job and to each of our clients, allowing for quick turnaround times and a result that is both satisfying and rewarding for all involved.Asphalt paving requires the use of state-of-the-art equipment and great attention to detail. Our team of workers, both in office and on site, are experienced. It is no wonder that Kings Valley Paving prides itself as a company with a valued reputation of over 37 years.

Why ChooseKings Valley Paving?

  • ROI On Your Investment

    Asphalt pavement gives the best return on investment of any paving material. When appropriately designed and constructed, an asphalt pavement will never need to be removed and replaced. The pavement structure will last indefinitely, so its value will also last indefinitely. With concrete, when the pavement reaches the end of its design life, it cannot be rehabilitated cost-effectively.

  • Long-Lasting Protection

    Studies have shown that on average, over a 40-year period, asphalt pavements are more economical than concrete pavements.

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    Porus asphalt is an environmentally friendly tool for storm water management. Porous asphalt pavements allow for land development plans that are more thoughtful, harmonious with natural processes, and sustainable. They conserve water, reduce runoff, promote infiltration which cleanses storm water, replenish aquifers, and protect streams.

AwardWinning Team

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When you decide to invest in your property, you need not look any further than the quality and experience of your workmanship, in order to obtain the best results.

Kings Valley Paving has built a professional team of qualified experts. We select crew members that understand the importance of consistency, and who are fully capable of adapting to property-specific challenges and finding creative solutions when necessary, ensuring a balanced approach. We use a series of quality controls to keep every project on time. Regularly scheduled on-site visits ensure uniform results. Most importantly, our teams at Kings Valley Paving measure success on the basis of our results. We take pride in our work, and while our cutting-edge equipment plays a pivotal role in our success, the commitment of our crew sets our company apart from other paving companies that service the GTA.

Poor safety standards are not tolerated in any construction-related industry, and at Kings Valley Paving we believe in a proactive approach that prevents on-the-job accidents from happening. We are committed to our crew and our clientele, and safety is our top priority. Our teams undergo ongoing safety training regularly and maintain a set of up-to-date certifications. By reviewing appropriate practices on a regular basis, they are able to work efficiently without taking unnecessary risks. We also perform a site analysis before handling larger projects in order to develop a safe work plan, and we emphasize a fast, controlled response to emergencies.

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